Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A gorgeous show for the tiny people (and I loved it too)

I had such a lovely morning at the Polka Theatre (I was not expecting it to go well as my Little one had woken up at silly o'clock and had tried to fall asleep on the much too short bus ride). But once we arrived and he got to play on the rocking horses and stare at other little ones he was fine.
The show was called Drum and this version was aimed at the under 2s. I was a tiny bit sceptical at the beginning when one of the performers had do to a lot of slightly exaggerated dancing, mainly as this would be my own worst nightmare, but once my grown-up head fell off I was as captivated as all the little ones.
Images from the Oily Cart Website
The show was based around 3 massive drums, they were used as instruments as well as projection screens and as play areas. Everyone is drawn in by the strong drumbeats but they seem to have special magic powers over children. The whole show was so well thought out and multi-sensory but I especially loves the play session at the end, I sort of don't want to spoil it for anyone that might go but it was lovely. I will definitely look out for further productions by this theatre company (Oily Cart) and will continue to love the Polka for the fab things they book.

One thing I have already stolen from the show is a contraption they used during the bubble blowing section. They intially had normal bubble blowers and then they came out and blew bubble towers on the children's hands. All the grown ups cooed- must be just the change from normal bubbles, but its megga easy. It was just a short tube with a piece of muslin stretched over the end and secured with an elastic band.

We had lots of fun playing with it outside as well as using it to fill the bath with bubbles. There was one slight hiccup when the toddler wanted to have a go and sucked really hard intsead! After some slightly revolting noises everything was fine, but I kept expecting him to burp bubbles.

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