Thursday, 10 March 2011

My first Culture Baby experience.

Now I can't quite remember where I found Culture Baby, but with my new found twitter habit it was probably there. Culture Baby was set up by Lucie Charkin last year, she is a mum of three and comes from an arts background. She realised that all women who had been interested in arts and culture don't stop being just because they have become parents, but how, with often the best will in the world of the establishments, once you are pushing/carrying a tiny and potentially noisy person around with you you can feel less than welcome. So she has started organising events for us! These are specially organised activities for mums with buggies to go around different arts and cultural places often with experts in tow. I was reading on the website about salon events which seem to be small groups where you get to meet an interesting person and have a adult discussion with them. I was very excited to read that scientists where included in this too as although I love all the arts side of life I do apparently have a science geek in me too!

So my first (of hopefully many) outings was to the Serpentine Gallery to have a guided walk around the Anish Kapoor sculptures. Unfortunately do to completely understandable circumstances the day of the walk had had to change so the experts were unable to spend quite as long with us, but we had a very thorough introduction to the exhibition (in which I had a fairly strong suspicion that I was surrounded by people who new more than me). And then on our walk Lucie managed brilliantly to share her knowledge and enthusiasm.

It was such a nice morning, if a little chilly, the other mums all seemed lovely and I could see myself making some new friends through the activities. As you know I am obsessed with little people and adore being a stay at home mum at the mo but I feel it is also really important to keep myself inspired so I can pass this on to my little boy. I loved having the chance to learn from other mums and experts in such a relaxed environment. I would highly recommend Culture Baby and will do so to my other baby friends. I look forward to my next outing and actually feel a little sorry for my non baby friends who aren't invited!

And the added bonus of being in a park!

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