Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Diddy Damien Hirst

So back to my art projects, after our Tate Britain trip I had thought spots would be a fun and fairly simple next project.

So taking inspiration from Damien Hirst, little one and I had a go. Now after a few indoor painting exploits, where I think I made more mess during the attempted clean up than the actual painting, I am very pleased that the weather has improved and we can spend more time outside. Although this has also inspired some early tantrums with the toddler not understanding why he ever has to come inside.
But armed with my newly purchased dabbers and spots out we went.

Obviously he needed some contemplation time.

And then he was off.

So with a little bit of protective clothing for the garden furniture, as not sure the other residents of our flats would appreciate any additions, we attempted some printing.

I think he did very well for his first attempt, the full bottles of paint did hold a magnetic attraction but still he moved on and had a go.

The finished master piece (in pride of place on the kitchen cabinet).

Then once he had decided it was lunch time, and once he had consumed nearly twice as much pasta as me we explored the spotty theme some more with the help of the light box and transparent counters.

Oh nice for colour mixing too...

Ooh I got an OHP

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