Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My bathtime revolution!!

I am very excited about bathtime! This has been a general feeling since the little one stopped screaming his way through it, but is more especially true at the moment. It is all down to a random find, one of those times when you come across a selection of objects, for which you have no understanding of why they are in your house. As a primary school teacher I do often find weird stuff, normally rubbish that I've put in a pocket to throw away but kept, anyway this time I found a whole bunch of little suction cups. Well this has completely changed bathtime...I am going to try and share although confused about the etiquette of baby bath photos and by the fact that my photos are rubbish Iphone photos as always- well I guess you'll get the general idea.

When I first found them- I boringly thought they might be good for tidying away but then thought this was much more fun....

They have instilled a new lease of life into the stacking cups- and is obviously all good Knowledge and understanding of the World stuff (for any other EYFS geeks out there, it's the English early years guidelines yawn).

With my new bathtime vigour I remembered these

That we used to use all the time in water play in the Nursery, I got them and the image fromAmazon. (I attempt where possible to be organic with the little fella so not entirely sure how soaking him in chemicals fits into that but hey...) My first go with these with the toddler was a resounding flop, my own fault entirely, it was a case of way too much all at the same time, bubbles, flashing ball, coloured water woo! And I may have possibly attempted to put the fizzing tablets into sealed bottles until my OH pointed out I had created a bomb. But using them alongside the magic suction cups worked a treat (even if my chosen colour made it look like a weird baby slasher movie).

Adding the water to the fizzy tablet in the pot.

Trying to figure out what is going on.

Trying to catch the magic water in his bottle.

Trying to catch it with his toes, bless.

I have plans for the next step of the suction cups- but this is maybe where my making skills let down my over excited ideas skills, but I think it should be the easiest thing in the world but you will soon find out how wrong/right I might be.

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