Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The following is very loosely based on fact with possibly some ranting and a touch of personal bias!

I have been thinking about children's language development lately, I know, it's that much fun in my head. Anyway I also know that by the age of one children from different languages lose the ability to make the sounds that are not used in their native language. This occurs when it is only their home language that they are exposed to.

This initially got me thinking about phonics, again fun fun fun! But I think phonics are important, not the very structured all children in a class will now learn "a" regardless of whether they already know it or when asked what sound does car begin with replying with "brrrrmmmm" (clearly not ready yet). But the sensible support of children becoming aware of sounds and developing their listening skills.

I thought it might be "fun" to make a playlist of real/great/non-sweary music, one song for each phoneme. But this is where I need help as my musical knowledge and taste leave quite a lot to be desired due to my mum's penchant for country and my general lack of discernment. But I do think Babara Ann would good for "b" (but maybe because toddler has called bananas babaras from the start).

So any musically educated people who could help I would very much appreciate it muchly.

This train of thought then led me to wonder (with very dubious scientific backing) that if such a playlist could be created in each language, and played to babies whether this would be good enough to stop them from losing the sounds? So again if anyone with a different home language to English fancies a go it could be amazing? If you could add any suggestions as a comment then I will try to make a spotify playlist(s) (I have one already but am a bit to embarrassed to share).

Thank you I understand that I could be very much on my own thinking this is a good idea.

And then we could do ones in different genres and and and...... Oh dear oh dear

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