Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Inspired by "Elf on the Shelf"

Now it was a while ago so I can't remember where I came across 'Elf on the Shelf", but I read the review and thought it was a cute idea. I have never read the book so may have completely misunderstood, but what I think it is is an toy elf that gets delivered to you with the idea that he is real and at night-time magics back to Santa to tell on you! Then there are clues as to where you can find him the next day, as he will have reappeared somewhere new. I think this is cute and anything I can do to add to the magic of my little ones childhood seems like a good plan to me. So I kind of had my idea of how we could make our own family tradition inspired by it.
My plan is the weekend closest to the start of December we will go to the woods near our house armed with a very special letter from Santa to the toddler. It will explain that he has a new elf and he is learning his job and is going to come and spend the time before Christmas with us to make sure we are getting in the Christmas spirit, but that he will have to go home every night to sleep and catch up on his elf training. The problem is he doesn't know how to find our house so we have to search for him, with a few clues as to his whereabouts.
Every now and then I have a look for an elf that I think is cute enough (I want him to come back every year and then maybe come back to visit the toddler's toddlers). I have yet to find my elf but during my most recent search I came across this by etsy seller LovingLeeCrafted
I thought it might be cute to have a special doorway that the elf travels back and forward to Santa's grotto through? After a little more looking I found a few more people who make little doors too.
Nothing But Wood makes this cute little actual door.

I haven't quite worked out the how/why we will have to search for him each day but as I am fairly premature I am hoping that inspiration will dawn....

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