Friday, 25 February 2011

Terrific Tate

The next artist I am using as a starting point with my little one is Bridget Riley. I hadn't heard of her before but when googling abstract artists I found her and thought she looked good. And then amazingly she has an exhibition at the National Gallery. So my plan was to go to the National and then get a bus to the Tate Britain (I had googled to find a Mondrian on display).
But then I realised I was being a fool, not unusual, as it was half term and that Trafalgar Square would be hideous. So decided just to head to the Tate Britain instead. I didn't have high expectations of the toddler loving it, but it was fab!!

He very kindly slept for about an hour and a half at the beginning of our visit, nothing short of miraculous from the incredible non-sleeping boy. This gave me and my mum some time to look around and scout out some more toddler friendly bits as well as eat our lunch!

We had a look round the Susan Hiller exhibition which took me a minute to adjust to but I actually really liked it, lots of food for future mum and baby projects. And some fun installations that the toddler enjoyed when he finally woke up.

Without really thinking I took him to the contemporary art first, I suppose as I thought they are the artists that will easiest to do activities based around.

A giant flashing chandelier? What's not for a toddler to love.

Ah Pollock, I have to wait for nicer weather as I don't think my husband would be impressed if we explored his style inside the flat.

Ooh spots now that is a plan.

Well even if I chickened out of going to the National Gallery I did get one Bridget Riley picture.

But this is when I realised the error of my ways! I don't know if I've mentioned my child's obsession with dogs? It has been going for quite some time now and will definitely be used as focus for future gallery trips. As once away from the more contemporary pieces he played his own game of spot the dogs.

So a great day even if I failed to find a Mondrian, apparently only at Tate Modern now.

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