Thursday, 3 February 2011

Stuff my son has tried to get in this week....

My other half and I have a bit of an ongoing debate about our son, normally going something like-
OH: He's a bit nuts, I love him dearly but he's definitely a bit nuts!
Me: No he's not he's a baby!
OH: I know but even so....
At this point I normally get a bit defensive and stroppy. But his words stay in my head and sometimes when we are at one of our classes surrounded by calm little people- who I'm pretty sure don't, in the comfort of their own home jump out their skin when there mum moves a millimetre away, who in the classes don't decide to shout "BANG BANG BANG" and thump on the nearest object for no apparent reason- I begin to wonder.
He hasn't helped his cause recently by becoming obsessed with getting in things! It started, with what I had taken as normal baby behaviour with getting in a laundry basket, then the a big box, then, well have a look and see what you think.

Laundry basket, fairly normal I reckon.

Big cardboard box, again not unusual.

Small box from jigsaw puzzle which he tried to sit down in, beginning to be a little suspicious.

Small handbag....


Snack cup... Really!!!

And the plug hole after bathtime (can't put a photo as my bath is slightly shameful).

My rational early years brain says it's all good exploratory learning, developing his understanding of size and space, helping him clarify his place in the world, hell-it's even early investigation into capacity. My far less rational brain that has been corrupted by my husbands whisperings on the other hand is beginning wonder.

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