Monday, 21 February 2011

The most favouritist toy boxes we found.

Living in a flat and being an obsessive spoiler of my baby (even if my take on spoiling him is giving him many old bottles and boxes from the recycling to play with) means we can struggle slightly with storage. Me and the other half had been discussing/arguing over a toy box that would fit in the flat and we liked the look of. All discussion stopped when we found these...

Now I have to own up to the fact that my husband and I do tend to the geekier side of life, and the teacher in me is slightly obsessed with construction kits, so what could be better!

We got them from a place for everything, but I think they are available at other places now. I am currently in negotiations over how many more we need, I feel that we need to get some of the varying sizes and imagine the forts you could build with loads!!

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