Thursday, 3 February 2011

Gallery for the little ones

I love art and love the idea of introducing it early. We are lucky to live close enough to pop up to the London galleries, but sometimes its difficult to find art that is accessible to really young children. While browsing Family Style I came across Little Collector.

It's a nice idea, they source art from the contemporary art world. Working with artists they create pieces specially inspired by little ones. The pictures are reasonably priced (although we would need to pay for shipping as they are a US company) and you can get them pre-framed so they can go straight on the nursery wall.

As well as this they have "art 101" a section on their website where you can look up famous artists and art movements with your children. I love the idea of little ones browsing the site and choosing their next picture to add to their collection, and you never know it might end up being an investment too (the picture below is by Shepard Fairey the man behind the Obama poster, and a famous graffiti artist).

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