Monday, 14 February 2011

Gorgeous book and beyond

When looking at Littlebig magazine I came across a review of a book that sounded right up my alley and quickly added it to my wishlist. The book was Gestalten's Play all day (which I very happily got for Christmas and was definitely one of my favourite presents).
I was initially drawn by the cover image, it is one of Jan Van Holleben's "dreams of flying" pictures. I had seen some of these pictures in various places and had always loved the idea of doing a project with my Nursery class based on them, but had somehow never actually got round to it. But the whole book is amazing, I would love (lottery win allowing) to open a children's play space as am so often underwhelmed by the ones I take my little one to. This book has amazing images of inventive toys and play spaces that have further inspired my daydreams.

One of the featured spaces was 'funky forest' an incredible interactive ecosystem where the children are able to control the projected environment by the way they move their bodies as well as use props to block and change the direction of the river. I loved it and thought it would an amazing experience for all children as even the youngest babies would enjoy the light show, and as they got bigger they could begin to notice the cause and effect relationships before going on to fully understand what they need to do to create the response they want. It also is a "clean" experience so would be brilliant in a busy play area,

I loved it so looked up the people behind it, Theo Watson, and found a whole selection of playful installations that I'm sure would inspire the child in all of us.- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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