Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Octonauts to your stations...

My little one has only just started doing what actually sounds like imaginative play very recently. And this has made me have to rethink some of my initial tv prejudice as the main inspiration for his play is the Octonauts. Now his first introduction was in book form, firstly (and for my birthday pre-Albie)
and then

which he really liked but was never interested in the tv series until now. I love the slightly more abstract nature of the books but have grown to love the animation too. The acquisition of his very own Kwazii Kitten has led to some very cute moments of a small person swushing a tiny plasic figure shouting "Octonauts to your stations' or 'To the launch bay" and the occasional "I don't want to be the only lonely monster".
But this has also inspired me to do some teacher like thinking of fun things that maybe my little one might like to do under the guise of being an Octonaut. The first port of call was the Cbeebies website. Where I found these colouring in sheets which I thought would be a good start for an Octonauts information book.

Then on to where I found some other cute printables, some simple games as well as some more colouring in sheets.

This is all lovely stuff but I would like to have some Albie created or involved things so that is what I'm working on next. I'm feeling a trip to the aquarium coming on...
Oh and I had alovely time nosing around the Meomi website too, lots of fab creatures.

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