Wednesday, 19 October 2011

More Octonauts...

So I have attempted to make a little Octonauts book for my son. I'm pretty sure there are better things out there but I enjoy having a go, and it means I am able to pick out the things that have struck a chord with him. All of the character pictures I have borrowed from the the other images and information sources I have linked to at the bottom. My hope is to add to the creature pages as he becomes interested, which I will try and add to here as I go. I just cut all the pages in half and put them in an A5 display wallet.  Hopefully as he plays with his toys and we think of other Octonauts related things to do I will add photos of these in too.

The cat image is from Cats of FireClan Wiki
The penguin images, Looking for clues
Daschund picture from All dog Breeds
Sea otter photo from Wild nature images
Rabbit photo from Pet Web Site
Dumbo Octopus photo from ABC news
Dumbo Octopus information from BBC Nature, there are also little video clips on this site
All animal fact files are from National Geographic Kids, these have video clips and other photos too. Really sweet resource for little ones.

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