Thursday 27 October 2011

Octonauts to the role play...

So I can't help but think in terms of classroom resources and so have had a little go at making some resources that might add to little ones role play. Please don't expect anything too wizzy I am far from a designer and I only use cut/paste/fill etc. but hopefully little ones don't mind.

First some of Peso's plasters, I thought children could cut them out and use with sticky tape to make their own plasters.
Captain Barnacles obviously records his adventures in his Captains log, so I made (a very basic) cover and pages to make an A5 version for the children to use.

In Sea of Shade, Professor Inkling looks up where the Shade King lives in the Mysterious places guide. In my experience little ones love drawing a map so here is my attempt at another little A5 book to make with your children.

Last book is used in The only lonely monster- Sea Monster Field Guide. Little ones could make up their own monsters or record ones they see on the Octonauts or at the aquarium, or on Blue Planet??

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  1. thanks x you have done a wonderful job! I used the peso plasters for my sons medical kit.. i printed them onto white avery labels.. they have come up great.. so appreciative!!

  2. Thank you SO much! I have printed the plasters and stuck them onto a small toolbox which is now a medical kit, and put a few inside, along with her other Octonauts medical items! The things we do for our children :-D xx

  3. Very nice. My daughter is really into the Octonauts and we have been keeping animal journals for her to work on. I like the bandaids very much and good idea to print on white avery labels. Thanks.

  4. So creative. I'm making little medical boxes for my son's birthday and you've just saved me the several hours it would've taken me to make those plasters. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Perfect thanks, like others I've now made a cheap and much loved Peso medical bag for my little girl.

  6. Thank for the bandaid cut outs