Friday, 28 January 2011

Underwater adventure

So, being slightly neurotic I had had the aim of no telly at all until he was 2, I had read it somewhere. This high moral stand point may have slightly slipped but has left me with my standard underlying guilt. So we have our own set of rules for tv watching. We always watch with him and have limited programmes we like. We have decided wildlife documentaries are fine (this is a broad catergory encompassing all of David Attenborough's back catalogue as well as the slightly less high-brow Dogs 101). But me being me, I still feel the need to augment his watching, as well as pester him with my own special commentary the whole way through. Poor baby. One example of this was when watching the coral reef episode of Blue Planet, I decided to try and create him his very own reef!

I was very pleased with myself for this creative use of a duster!

By filling this ball with some of our little fish, his fine motor skills got a bit of a work out as he tried to retrieve them.

Ah here I had got a bit over excited and added pretty much everything I could find! At this point I think I was the one having fun.

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