Sunday, 30 January 2011


Ok, so my little boy has lots of lovely toys (more than his fair share probably) but his most favourite thing at the moment is a big bowl of dry pasta.

Once I realised that I could contain the mess in the paddling pool, my enjoyment of the pasta also increased! He enjoyed swiping the pasta far and wide, and became really engrossed in dropping bits one by one onto the tray and hearing the noise it made.

Trying to add to his exploration I grabbed a bowl and spoon from the kitchen and any little containers I could find.

A few days later we were playing and I thought maybe he'd like to try threading, wasn't sure if he would care but he actually did seem to enjoy it. We were threading onto the string of one of his pull along toys but he needed a lot help. He held the pasta while I poked the string through. I wanted to make it something he could do a bit more independently and thought maybe pipe cleaners would be easier. It worked well and he did a really good job. But as is a toddlers want on the first attempt his interest lasted for just the one bit of pasta.

My Mum had found some furry soft wire stuff that I had bought years ago to decorate presents with. I had been threading bits of pasta on this and discovered that my little boy much preferred unthreading mine to threading his own. He is a dismantler at present buy hey it's all good fine motor skills fun!

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