Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Nearly there....

Ok so I am still working on my bathtime construction kit. After buying the pipe connecting bits and testing whether the suction cups would hold them to the bathroom wall. I tried to construct an interesting arrangement for my baby to watch the water flow through. This is when I reaslised I had made a mistake with some of my pipe connectors and to actually make system long enough I needed to get some more of the bendy corner tubes. So we started of really small just having two tubes, the second one I kept horizontal as I thought the water might move slow enough to be seen. I used the tube with the muslin on so I could put the colour tablets in there, this way we could poor in clear water and it would come out the tube a colour.

This did work really well, although I also found that the pipes did not fit quite snug enough so there was a lot of leaking. My current solution to this is collecting the postman's elastic bands to try and help create a seal.
Once the colour tablets are all used up I have just been turning each pipe around to enable my little boy to pour the water through them. So I get to play for the first half of bathtime and then he gets the second half! Sounds fair to me.x

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