Monday, 6 June 2011

I think I maybe a crazy person.....

With my background as a slightly obsessive teacher, I worry that I have now become an obsessive teacher/parent. I find it quite difficult to leave the teacher part of me behind and so do things, which I really enjoy doing and so far I think my little one likes too, but that I worry a little bit about. Am I becoming the crazy pushy parent that I have always been so harsh about? The main manifestation of this is my current need to turn all our experiences into books for him. Now I justify this by saying to myself that I am capitilisng on his interests, allowing him to revisit the activities he has enjoyed which in turn allows me to support his language development, sense of self and confidence. But then I remember he is 19 months old and worry.... He does independently choose these books and seems to love them but...(also when he is big enough to realise that I have terrible english and the books are cobbled together with dodgy Iphone photos on a very basic computer package we will have a whole new set of worries.
You can make up your own mind here is his current book about his current love...


  1. I think that is brilliant! Surely he'll just love the fact that you did it for him?! Also it's a great record of what he liked when, and much better than a 'baby book'. (lovely to meet you today)